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Hello and welcome to Totally Trunks.

We make leather trunks in all sizes using a lot of vintage leather and fittings that we recycle from vintage luggage.


The trunks look vintage and travelled, but in excellent condition.

Tel  07836 236911


- I have 2 barns on a farm in Epping, Essex close to junction 26 of the M25. Please contact me to arrange a visit; evenings and weekends are no problem.

Our trunks are super quality, heavy and substantial and entirely hand-made in our own workshop.



I also have a good range of vintage luggage in stock - please click on the link to go to the Totally Vintage Luggage website www.totallyvintageluggage.co.uk.
Wide range of trunks in stock in all sizes and finishes.


Medium size leather trunk 75 x 45 x 50 - with or without wooden slats.
Ref BL33


Coffee trunks with vintage tops for a well-travelled look.

coffeetrunks1 coffeetrunks2

Cracking aluminium trunks made to order for clients.

Jill's lounge - rectangular trunk in polished aluminium, with matching side trunk.

Diane and Nick's lounge - square and low and with a slightly matt finish.

Pairs polished aluminium side trunks with brass locks and mounts

New styles!! Cream trunk with brown leather edging. Hessian trunk with stripes 60 wide x 40 deep x 50 high. In stock now.

Good selection of coffee tables, medium side trunks and pairs of side trunks always available from stock.




Aluminium strips with steel locks, corners, mounts & side handles
Ref PA27

Aluminium strips with brass locks, corners, mounts & side handles
Ref PA28

Brown leather coffee table trunks - good selection available.


Fabulous and huge trunk in situ - MADE TO YOUR SIZE AND SPEC.


Our trunks are made entirely by hand in our own workshops using a lot of genuine recycled vintage leather and fittings. The look is vintage and slightly travelled, but in excellent condition.



Please have a look at the range of trunks available by clicking on the menu top left.

If you want to come by train I'm happy to collect you from Epping Station which is on the Central Line.

Ring me on 07836 236911

or email rob@totallytrunks.co.uk

Genuine cow skin trunks 35 cm square x 55 high in black and white and brown and white


Brown leather 'champagne' and  'wine' trunks with vintage labels.

Brown leather trunk 60 cm x 40 x 50 with vintage shipping labels.

Pair leather trunks 60 wide x 40 deep x 50 high with decorative leather side straps.

                             Pair brown leather trunks with side mounts

Medium size tan leather trunks with darker leather edging & straps.


New budget range great value trunks.

Leather bound with brass locks and mounts and wood slats 90 x 45 x 45
Ref BR31 & BR32

Storage trunks 60 cm x 40 x 20 in brown or cream - new range Ref STC34 & STB35

                 Trunks with vintage labels/brass numbers


Aviator trunks 60 x 40 x 50 with brown leather edging and wood slats. Ref Aviator 28

                                                           New in - superb aviatgor trunks 60 x 40 x 50


Our trunks fit perfectly with a wide range of styles


Our trunks are ideal for use as retail props



Trunks are ideal as lamp tables with the added bonus of storage


                                                                        Ideal lamp tables

Polished aluminium coffee table works perfectly in a modern setting

Polished alumninium


All our trunks are handmade by craftsmen in our own workshops.

Always a good selection of pairs of side trunks 45 cm wide x 40 deep x 55 high
Ideal as bedsides or lamp tables.


Please ring me on

  07836 236911 
 or email


Super medium size 60cm trunks - always in stock and very adaptable Ref BL08

                                                               Super medium size 60cm brown leather trunks


Larger trunks in tan leather with dark leather edging - can be made to your size and spec.            

 Super pair of brown leather bedsides Ref BL03        



Pair polished aluminium side trunks Ref PA13



Worldwide shipping easily arranged - please email for a quote.

Pair cream trunks with wood slats Ref CL18

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