Hello and welcome to Totally Trunks News.

It has been very hard to buy stock here in England during lockdown, but things seem to be getting slightly easier now with a few markets and fairs opening plus a couple of auction rooms, and items are appearing on the market again.

Prices of various items have gone up during the shortage, particularly anything good in vellum.

Last week I found a fabulous genuine crocodile trunk, the best I've had for years and a good size too. Pictures at the top of the Home Page. Even if you don't want to buy it, just have a look and I'm sure you'll love it.

Recently I have found a good selection of vintage aluminium trunks and suitcases, 15 of them in fact, all listed on the website.

My stock of good antique leather suitcases has increased and I now have over 100 in both brown leather and vellum.

I have been lucky and found a quantity of leather Officer's Boots with lasts - these have become so desirable this last year.

I have 14 pairs of boots coming in next week in both brown and black and I'll be adding them to the Home Page as soon as they've been checked over and polished.

I've also found a couple of vellum trunks that are currently being cleaned and having the locks polished.

Pictures of a few pairs of boots and the vellum trunks below.

Robert 8th April 2021