Hello and welcome to Totally Trunks News.

Here in England things have picked up nicely and at last we can see a return to normality on the horizon.

I have bought lots of fresh stock and I've just finished adding it all to the Home Page. There is now a good pile of aluminium trunks available, some lovely black trunks with wood banding and a selection of 16 pairs of leather Officer's Riding boots.

My stock of brown leather suitcases is now over 100 and these range from plain ones up to the super quality craftsman-made cases with straps and extra strengthening leather corners. Some of them are just super quality and beautifully made as you can from the below:

I now have over 30 items of vellum luggage available including 5 lovely vellum trunks which have been tricky to source this last year. 

All regards Robert 14th May 2021