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Below you will see a wide range of trunks, luggage and sporting goods. I have a barn on a farm in Epping, Essex with a large selection always available.

13 vintage aluminium trunks and suitcases

Beautiful antique English trunk c 1850   103 cm wide x 56 x 56
Hat boxes, leather riding boots, suitcases and vellum all currently available.


30 antique vellum suitcases and 50 brown leather suitcases currently in stock


Good pair vellum suitcases with luggage labels 60 x 37 x 18 and 56 x 36 x 17

Antique leather suitcases arranged in pyramids always available

2 Antique French trunks. One 50 x 37 x 42 with brass lion plaque, the second 55 x 45 x 42 with brass George and Dragon mounts.

Canvas and leather suitcase by John Pound of Oxford Street, London W1 - 67 x 40 x 24.

Antique English leather trunk, great patina and brass lock - 67 x 40 x 24

Mock crocodile leather suitcase 60 x 40 x 20, great croc look without the CITES.

Antique leather attache case - 51 x 26 x 10.

Black banded trunks 2 at 86 cm wide and 1 at 70 cm wide

Superb pair brown leather riding boots

Antique brown leather suitcases, 60 - 70 cm size
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            Super vellum trunk with brass locks and multiple banding 90 x 55 x 35

Large genuine crocodile trunk 90 cm wide x 55 x 35

Beautiful genuine crocodile suitcase - excellent condition

                                      Large 120 cm tartan trunk

Always a good selection of banded trunks in stock

Huge and wonderful French dome-top trunk 120 cm wide x 90 cm high

   I am a supplier to major retailers and to interior designers and props buyers for advertising or film and television work.

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        Canvas banded trunk with brass locks and steel mounts 92 x 55 x 35 - plenty in stock

Pair Revelation vellum cases - tall brass locks

               Pale green canvas trunk with brass lock and leather straps 100 x 55 x 45

           75 cm brown leather trunk newly made from all recycled leather and locks

Black wood-banded trunk
Selection of Military Suitcases, and some oars and golf clubs
Leather football boots, large leather punchbag and boxing gloves

    6 x Vintage fishing baskets currently in stock


You're welcome to come and have a look round any time, evenings and weekends are no problem.

Please ring me any time on 07836 236911 or email            

Pair grey leather side trunks 35 x 35 x 55 high

Pair genuine cow skin side trunks 35 cm x 35 x 55 high

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