Hello and welcome to Totally Trunks News on the 9th November 2021.

The Autumn has meant a lot more stock coming onto the market and I have been able to buy some great items and I now have over 30 vellum suitcases in stock, and around 50 in brown leather. All in great, fully restored condition.

I have bought some quite special suitcases and trunks, this one is by John Pound of Oxford Street, London W1, and is canvas and leather with super quality brass lock and clips. Size 67 x 41 x 26.

This is an antique English leather trunk with a wonderful patina and brass lock. Size 67 x 40 x 24.

There are varying qualities of mock-crocodile available and some of them just look like leather with a vague impression of crocodile stamped on them. But this one is quite old and really looks the part. The case has brass locks and mounts and is crisp and clean inside and lined in dark blue cotton, so very usable today. Size 60 x 40 x 20. And no CITES needed!

And finally, here is a super English leather attache case with brass locks and a fitted interior. It would look much better than one of those awful plastic ones, and good value at £145. Size 51 x 26 x 10.

All good wishes